Ancient Harvest Harmony Blend Organic Quinoa, 23 Oz.

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Ancient Harvest Harmony Blend Organic Quinoa blends all three varieties of quinoa into one hearty, tri-colored combo. It’s gluten-free and full of plant-based essential amino acids in every nutrient-dense bite. Nutritious food has never been so tasty.

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Ancient Harvest Harmony Blend Quinoa is a natural, essential mix of white, red and black grains. Non-GMO, kosher, premium 100% whole grains. Pre-washed and rinsed for easy prep to provide nutrient-packed, plant-based proteins one delicious dish at a time.

1 review for Ancient Harvest Harmony Blend Organic Quinoa, 23 Oz.


    I have tried many other Quinoa brands, but this one is a keeper. I love the texture, aroma and satisfying hearty taste of this amazing tri-color Quinoa harvest blend. I love it with garbanzo beans, lentils, lima beans and kidney beans. It is so versatile, yet it can be a complete meal in one.

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